The South African Website Design directory is a free service directory for South African web design companies to help promote their business. We offer members a free listing without requiring a reciprocal link, although we don’t mind if they add one as a good gesture.

We created the website design directory as a way to give back to the web design community and to help each other grow. Web design has gotten a bad wrap because of shoddy companies that undercut prices and churn out rubbish work just to make a sale. We want to change that – professional web designers deserve better.

Common Questions

Who is eligible to list their company?
Any business or freelancer who is based within South Africa and offers web design or web development may apply for listing.

Why another web directory?
Web directories help visitors and search engines pin point relevant information quickly. Instead of wading through millions of search results, users can find your web design company listing much quicker.

Why is the SA Website Design directory different?
Firstly we don’t require a reciprocal link from our members. Secondly, our website is pretty awesome and user focused, much unlike many other directories out there.

Can I advertise on the website?
Yes, we offer advertising in the form of:
– A featured listing: Your listing will appear above all the others on the homepage
– An ad banner: Your uniquely designed banner will provide a direct link to your website and can house a unique url or tracking code.

Who owns the directory?
The directory is the initiative and property of Freedom Studios who have been in the web design business for over a decade. The web design directory is also made possible by the good people of Intermagine who have assisted with the creation.

Can I write for the Blog?
Absolutely! We welcome quality, relevant and original web design focused articles on the directory website blog. As a thank you for writing a blog post, we will feature you or your company with a direct link to your website under each post that you write.

My company has branches in more than one province or city, can I list these?
Unlike other directories that only allow for one listing, we will allow multiple listings for legitimate co-located web design companies. Approval of the listing is based on us being able to verify the information you provide.